Upload Statements

  • You can upload standardised statements from lots of sources including the PRS and MCPS
  • If you have a statement which we don’t yet support, we’ll add it!
  • You can also use our standard Excel template if needed.

Allocate Distributions

  • A user controlled auto-matching process links distributions to works in your library.
  • Many statements aren't as clean as they could be, so we also have proprietary Quick Match process that intelligently suggests the most likely work for a distribution and learns from your previous choices.
  • If a work isn't yet setup, you can easily create it from the information in the statement.
  • Distribution amounts are split between clients based on catalogue and work level rules.

Send Statements

  • Easily view and manage client accounts, including one off items and rolled over balances.
  • Automatically generate summary and detailed statements.
  • You can customise and brand your statements.
  • Send them electronically at the click of a button.