Royalty Processing

The right royalty system will improve your financial record keeping AND could save you a substantial amount of time & angst

As you read this you may be in the middle of another painful royalty reporting season. Hopefully you’ve finished – if so, how was it this time around? Did you come up against the same old challenges, or even discover some new ones? Maybe we can help... Read More

by Russell Tew, 15th Sep 2021

Artificial Intelligence

Can Artificial Intelligence play a role in distributing royalty payments?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be intimidating and there can be an understandable fear of the unknown. These fears can lead to a resistance to change. But implemented the right way, and for the right reasons, this technology can be extremely useful to us all.... Read More

by Russell Tew, 25th Apr 2021

Royalty Processing

Excel is great but is there a better tool for the job?

The risks of using Excel were dramatically demonstrated last year when some 16,000 positive cases of Covid 19 were temporarily excluded from the UK Government’s Test and Trace database. The cause of the problem was a ‘simple’ misunderstanding by the user of the amount of data a spreadsheet could handle... Read More

by Russell Tew, 30th Mar 2021

Ease Of Use

Our journey to a great User Interface - Can royalty processing be an engaging and enjoyable activity?

A great app is one that is focused, intuitive, fast and a pleasure to use. RoyaltyCloud is a unique and intelligent royalty platform designed to bring an inter-connected network of publishers and composers closer together. ... Read More

by Russell Tew, 8th Mar 2021

Royalty Management

Hit me with your (algo)rithm stick – is there a better and quicker way to manage your royalty data?

You don’t need to use complex computing techniques to distribute royalty payments - but could you? And if you could, would it make life easier, saving you both time and money? The answer to both of these questions is most definitely 'Yes'... Read More

by Russell Tew, 10th Feb 2021